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About Us

“Albait Almokhtalef, The Different House – for Empowering the Arab LGBT Community” was established in 2019 due the intersectional discrimination the Arab LGBT community faces as a marginalized group, both in terms of nationality and LGBT identity. Arab LGBT people face unique and specific set of problems, and therefore there’s a need for solutions that are specially designed for this group.

The organization was established in order to change this unfortunate picture and help the Arab LGBT community. In order to do so, the organization will work on two levels: Firstly, the organization will act towards empowerment of the Arab LGBT community members by aiding them to realize their full rights in different fields and encouraging self-growth. Secondly, the organization will promote acceptance of Arab LGBT people and fight LGBTphobia – both within the Arab community and the general population. Moreover, the organization will act to change any discriminatory policy against Arab LGBT people in different establishments.

The organization will work in the following fields:

  • Legal and welfare assistance to the Arab LGBT people.
  • Strengthening the community bond by encouraging volunteering within the Arab LGBT community.
  • Creating social events designated for the Arab LGBT community.
  • Making, translating and publishing info material regarding the Arab LGBT community in Arabic.
  • Publishing reports regarding the Arab LGBT community’s situation. Writing position papers, requesting and suggesting changes in the law, regulations, vocational training guidelines etc.
  • Creating network of collaborations with relevant organizations in Palestine, Israel and other countries.
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