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Position papers & Reports

= Michael Kagan & Anat Ben-Dor, “Nowhere to run – Gay Palestinian Asylum-Seekers in Israel”, Tel Aviv University’s Public Interest Law Program, 2008

= 2019 HIAS Report – COMING SOON =
( “I wanted to be like them, but couldn’t: LGBT Palestinian asylum-seekers in Israel“, August 2019, by: Shira Marshel and Nimrod Avigal )

News Articles

= “PA police ban Palestinian LGBT group from holding activities in West Bank”, Times of Israel, 19/08/2019

=”Palestinian Authority Bans Activities by Gay Rights Group”, New York Times, 19/08/2019

= After Palestinian Authority Bans Queer Group, Rep. Ilhan Omar Tweets ‘LGBTQ Rights are Human Rights’, Newsweek, 20/08/2019

= HEBREW: המשטרה הפלסטינית נגד להט”ב: “נרדוף אותם”, אתר
YNET, 22/08/2019

(Full translation HERE)

Personal Testimonies – anonymous*

-coming soon-




* All testimonies were collected by HIAS personal in the preparation of the 2019 report.

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